CoMoCo-1.0-ED-4 fully complies with the CE guidelines. Extra EMC filters are not necessary when installing. A built-in PFC (Power Factor Control) ensures that the energy is taken evenly from the public grid and is available when required. The controller performs far above the standard set by the energy companies. In addition the PFC is dynamic. In other words it switches off when the load is low to save even more energy.

Input, output and power

The input voltage is between 85 and 265Volt (50-60Hz), single phase. The output signal is suitable for a three phase 230 – 380V induction motor which is delta connected. The controller can supply 1,000VA of power with static cooling and when the controller is placed in an air flow up to 1,150VA. The abovementioned applies for a supply voltage of 230VAC.
The controller will operate at a lower voltage, but will automatically reduce the maximum power that can be supplied. The controller will supply a maximum of 500VA at 110VAC.

Extra Intelligence

When overloaded the controller will remain working by reducing the supplied power. The controller can run the electromotor at a much lower rotational speed than is usual possible with the current available controllers. Moreover up to 150% of the maximum torque is available at these low rotational speeds and at idle without damaging the motor. In the event of an overload or the temperature is too high or other malfunctions the controller will continue to operate but will also produce an alarm signal via a potential-free contact. The cause of the alarm can be read from a flashing LED signal underneath the controller. The housing is extremely robust and completely enclosed so that the controller can also be placed in aggressive surroundings.


Supply voltage 85 - 265V AC 50/60 Hz
Consumed power (max.) 1.250W
Output power (max.) 1.000VA (1.150VA in air flow)
PFC factor (cos φ) ≥ 0.9
Ambient temperature -20°C to + 40°C
Control voltage (% of maximum rotational speed) 10 - 0V (1V ≈ 100%, 9,5V ≈ 6%)
0 - 10V (0,5V ≈ 6%, 9V ≈ 100%)
Input impedance control signal 25kOhm
Maximum length of motor cable 2,5 metres
Maximum length of control cable 300 metres
Alarm contact (potential free) 1A / 24V DC
0.5A / 120V AC
Dimensions (LxBxH) 280 x 250 x 130mm
Housing IP67
Weight 5 kg