Smart durable

The highest percentage of energy saving occurs when the rotational speed is low. Depending on the type of electric motor and the required capacity, up to 90% or more energy can be saved compared to a Triac based controller.

Rotational speed is controlled by a 0-10Volt or 10-0Volt signal. The rotational speed is guaranteed by the controller, irrespective of external influences.
The controller also ensures that the required rotational speed is maintained with absolute minimum energy. The controller supplies this energy in an optimal form in regard to voltage, current and frequency.

The aluminum housing of the CoMoCo has a special coating. It is completely closed and rated IP67. This makes the CoMoCo extremely durable. It survives the adverse environment of a pig stable.

The input voltage is between 85 and 265Volt (50-60Hz), single phase.

The output signal is suitable for a three phase 230 – 380V induction motor which is delta connected.

The CoMoCo-1.0-ED-4 can supply 1,000VA of power with static cooling and when it is placed in an air flow up to 1,150VA. The above-mentioned applies to a supply voltage of 230VAC.
The controller will continue to operate at a lower voltage, but will automatically reduce the maximum power that can be supplied. The controller will supply a maximum of 500VA at 110VAC.