Smart efficient

CoMoCo is a smart controller for electric motors.
At the heart of the controller is the new Texas Instruments C2000 Piccolo microcontroller.

The controller measures the electromagnetic field in the electric motor without using mechanical sensors. The built-in software accurately estimates where the magnetic field will be in the next microsecond. It calculates the minimum and type of energy required to generate this field and then precisely supplies it, using the data obtained. The result is enormous energy savings in partial load.

It features InstaSPIN-FOC with FAST software encoder and Power Warp mode.

InstaSPIN™-Field Orientated Control

  • Replaces mechanical encoders and resolvers in a "sensorless" Field Oriented Controller (FOC)
  • Uses FAST™ software encoder as a superior rotor flux sensor in a Field Oriented Controller
  • Automatic stable FOC Torque Loop Tuning
  • Generic speed loop



Rotor Flux

  • High quality Flux signal

Rotor Flux Angle

  • Best rotor flux Angle estimation accuracy over widest speed range
  • Provides reliable angle tracking within one electrical cycle of rotation
  • Tracks at under 1 Hz frequency
  • Angle tracking is completely robust under dynamics and FAST recovers and re-locks after an overload stall event
  • Typical angle accuracy within +/-1 count of a 1024 mechanical encoder steady state
  • Angle is independent of rotor resistance

Rotor Flux Speed

  • Mechanical and electrical rotor speed estimations (including slip for induction)
  • Without position derivative quantization
  • Reduces phase lag in control systems
  • Best speed input into the control system

Shaft Torque

  • Accurate rotor shaft torque signal for load monitoring
  • Used for flow rate monitoring, unbalanced load detection, and motor health diagnostics
  • 150% of torque available at 0 RPM

PowerWarp™ Mode

  • Benefits greatest when load (torque demand) on the motor is lowest
  • Automatically adjusts current usage of induction motors to minimum possible at all times
  • Only works because FAST™ software encoder is so robust and stable when dynamically tracking the rotor flux angle
  • Algorithm is an industry first based on reducing motor copper losses in the stator AND the rotor!
  • Only works because FAST™ software encoder is so robust and stable when dynamically tracking the rotor flux angle
  • Maximum Torque Per Amp for all three phase motors
  • Voltage bus compensation
  • Built-in motor parameter identification
  • Fully tuned observer and stable torque controller in minutes