CoMoCo-1.0-ED-4 is an intelligent controller for electromotors. 

At the heart of the controller is the Texas Instruments C2000 Piccolo microcontroller. The controller measures the electromagnetic field in the electromotor without using mechanical sensors. The built-in software accurately estimates where the magnetic field will be in the next microsecond. 

It calculates the minimum and the type of energy required to realise this field and then precisely supplies it, using the data obtained. The result is enormous energy savings in partial load.

Depending on the type of electromotor and the required capacity, up to 90% more energy can be saved in respect to a controller based on Triac. The highest percentage of energy saving occurs when the rotational speed is low. The required rotational speed is controlled by a 0-10Volt or 10-0Volt signal. The rotational speed is guaranteed by the controller, irrespective of external influences. 

The controller also ensures that the required rotational speed can be maintained with the absolute minimum of energy. The controller supplies this energy in an optimal form in regard to voltage, current and frequency.