Intelligent motor control

An intelligent PFC (Power Factor Correction) was developed especially for the CoMoCo.

The built-in PFC ensures that energy is taken evenly from the public grid and is available when required. The controller performs far above the standard set by the energy companies. In addition the PFC is dynamic. In other words, it switches off when the load is low to save even more energy. CoMoCo fully complies with the CE guidelines. Extra external EMC filters are not necessary when installing.

When overloaded the CoMoCo will continue working by reducing the power supplied.
The controller can run the electric motor at a much lower rotational speed than is usually possible with the controllers currently available. Moreover up to 150% of the maximum torque is available at these low rotational speeds, and at idle, without damaging the motor. In the event of an overload if the temperature is too high or other malfunctions, the controller will continue to operate but will also produce an alarm signal via a potential-free contact. The cause of the alarm can be read via a flashing LED signal underneath the controller.

Calibration is fully automatic. After initialization CoMoCo runs a calibration program that only takes 2 minutes. Without any external input the electric motor and controller are tuned to each other.